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  • STATOR CONSTRUCTIONS S.A. is a new construction company, formed by engineers, aiming to combine the cooperative effort with scientific standards, new ideas and experience in engineering and construction, public and private sectors.

  • STATOR S.A. is registered in the  Third class of the General Contractors Records of the Ministry of Environment, Planning & Public Works of Greece, being member of the Association of Greek constructing companies, it is based in Drama and executes projects mainly in the territories of East Macedonia and Thrace.

  • STATOR S.A. acts as the construction branch of a wider group of companies, along with A.Kyriakidis S.A. which specializes in aggregates and asphalt production.

  • Human resources, scientific - administrative, along with the technical staff is one of the main boosts of the company based on long time relationships.
  • The Machinery equipment, of the most full of a kind, is mainly modern made by well known firms, combined with a very well organized maintenance department sets the ability for STATOR S.A. to undertake all kinds of projects of large size and complexity.
  • Specializing in mountain road construction, with the acquisition of appropriate, specific requirements and high cost of ownership machinery, set the base of undertaking significant number of projects of this kind over the past five years, expanding the scope of activity to that of the infrastructure for renewable energy projects.

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